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Thursday, September 16, 2004
It's Been Awhile
Well it's almost been a year since I last posted! Alot has happened since than. Christian started preschool on Tuesday. I cannot beleive he is going to school. His first day he was okay. He was a bit hesitant but did well. He goes tuesdays and thursdays. Today he was okay getting up, dressed, eating and brushing his teeth. I thought it would be alot better than his first day. He was fine and cheerful till I walked him to school and told him that I was leaving. He cried so hard! I never saw him like that. I almost cried myself but kept telling my self to reassure him that I would be back and not show any emotion. Easier said than done. The teacher picked him up and he was hanging on to me so hard that I had marks on my arms. I felt so horrible leaving. I held back tears as I walked home.

I could not wait till it was time to pick him up. When I got there the class was sitting in a circle as the teacher read a book. This week the color was red so they did alot of activities that involved the color red. On tuesday they made red jello, today they did an activity with apples. Today I gave Christian red erasers to take in and pass out to his new friends. He did extremely well making friends! Even though his interaction with other kids was not daily (I stay home with him) he is not afraid to walk up to another kid and introduce himself. He is very outgoing. The teacher even commented on it.

He is learning to print his name already. He is doing pretty good at it. The teacher gives the kids a "homework" sheet to do and turn in. He learned how to use sissors properly on Tuesday. I am very happy with this school. It seems they are teaching instead of just babysitting for a few hours. Some of the preschools I saw were run just like a daycare. There was no structure. Kids were running around and screaming, there was absolutely no control. This preschool only has 10 kids per class (3 and 4 year olds) with two teachers at all times. It is very personal. The school also has an open door policy. I can show up at anytime and watch. They also give daily updates and Christian has a behavior chart. It is very informative. I believe in two things that are absolutely necessary when it comes to kids. Good leather shoes and a great start at their school career. I just wish this school had a kindergarten.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
It's just my luck!

Well again today something that only would happen to me happened! They just opened a brand new Wal-Mart very close and my dad, christian and I went. My dad hates to shop as it is but I convinced him to go. It was total chaos to say the least. There was actually a line to get in! It was shoulder to shoulder when we finally made it through the door. We shopped just a bit and got disgusted and headed to the checkout. We decided to use the self check out! What a freakin mistake. My dad's transaction had some snags and the attendant had to keep coming over. My transaction was a total nightmare! I swiped my card to pay and the computer shut down right as I was signing. The only computer that went down was mine! To make a long story short 40 minutes later I was still standing there. I must of signed 50 times! I kept asking if I was being charged each time? No one knew what to tell me. They could not get the stupid machine to come back on. My dad was getting antsy and I told the person to call me when they finally got the void to go through. I called my credit card company and all is fine they did get the voids through but no one has called me yet. I am assuming I won't get a call either the way customer service goes these days. But what luck I have!

Friday, October 24, 2003
What's going on?

Okay what the heck is going on? For the past few days our phone has been acting up. When I am on the phone I can hear ringing in the background and it sounds like a tin can and then a hangup. The other night was icing on the cake. My phone rang I picked it up and two people were having a conversation. They were both surprised I was on the line. I told them what happened we all thought it weird and hung up. It happened again. The lady's voice sounded like the previous call and I asked her where she was. She told me Torley street! Okay same street as me! As the conversation wore on I found out she is my neighbor. We were both very concerned about the problem and I told her that I would call Verizon the next day. I did. I was told that the lines were crossed and a tech would come out. He came out yesterday and told me nothing was wrong when he climbed the pole. I spoke with my neighbor last night and told her to hang on to my phone number and call me if anything strange happened. We were out last night and she did leave me a message. There was also a hang up on our answering machine. I wonder if my answering machine picked up her call!!

She is talking on a corded phone and I have a cordless so the interferance cannot be from our phones. It's somewhere on Verizons end. How scary to think that someone can listen in on your calls. I am not a secret agent or anything but I have paid bills over the phone giving my important information!


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Something so weird and unusual happened. A friend of mine read my last post and e-mailed me this picture she took of my son and her husband playing at our camp (thanks sharon!). Take a look at the white little orb's located on the right hand side of the picture! She told me that they are called ghost orb's. What makes this even creepier we started talking and I told her that Christian has mentioned a friend he has. When I ask him about him he tells me he won't tell him his name. He has not mentioned him in a while, which is okay with me. My Mom tried to convince me that he has an imaginary friend but why doesn't Christian always talk about him? I think if he had an imaginary playmate he would always play with him.

I have to stop talking about this. I am home with just Christian and it's freaking me out.

More later

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Okay it's Halloween time and I have not yet posted anything scary. I could fill up a few pages. I hate to talk about it.

I always believed in the supernatural. My Mom can tell me stories of when she was growing up but recently I have been experiencing some weirdness of my own. Our house is roughly 105 years old. We used to have a third floor but it burned down some time ago. Our house has alot of history. Dom and I have both experienced some weird things we have always tried to convince ourselves that it was just nothing.

My most recent thing was a few weeks ago. It still gives me goosebumps to think about it. Me and Christian were just waking up and talking. Dom always kept our bedroom door shut so he would not disturb us when he was getting ready for work. As Christian and I were talking my bedroom door opened. I don't mean a creak or just a little. It flew open. Christian looked at me astonished and asked if Daddy was home? At first I thought that's who it was. I told him it was just the wind? Okay, that's the best I could come up with at the time, I was almost crapping a brick! Next thing we know with all it's force it slammed shut! Not lightly, it made a huge bang and it was with force! This is the first time I have been actually to scared to move. Christian was asking where daddy was and I was parallyzed!

I hate to tell people about our experiences because they look at you like you are crazy or making things up. Or another overactive imagination. I truly believe "something" happened.

Oh well, believe or don't.

Sunday, October 19, 2003
October is Almost over!

I looked at the calendar today and realized October is almost over! The Holidays will be here as soon as we blink. It really is depressing how time flies.

We had a nice relaxing day today. We have a membership to our local museum and spent the day looking at dinosaurs and mummy's! I love the museum. I can remember going there when I was little. I hope Christian grows up with the same fond memories.

Yesterday was "sweetest day" and Dom bought me a huge bag of licorice pastels from the cracker barrel. He surprised me! I had no idea the day existed. I jokingly asked him if he was in a card store and saw a sign, he just grinned. That's okay at least he remembered me, that's sweet.

We went to Kennywood's Fright Festival on Friday. My Mom and Dad took Christian for the whole night. It was nice but cold. I couldn't wait to pick him up on Saturday. I love the free time but hate to be away from him. This Saturday we are going to a Halloween party and Christian will be going to my Mom and Dad's again. They want to take him on Friday night! Ahh a whole weekend, and two in a row! He loves to spend time with them. He has a ton of toys there and keeps them busy all night. He also gets to take a bath in the sink which he loves.

That's all for now!

Thursday, October 16, 2003
What a Day!

Today was such a trying day! Christian never really went through the terrible two's, I think it's more the terrible three's! The past two weeks have been a total nightmare but today took the cake. My dad came over and we took a drive to Foodland. My dad paid for his items and Christian started screaming and crying like I have never heard. I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted to pay. He screamed and cried all the way to the car! He would not get into his carseat. I was trying to keep my cool which was so hard. I was yelling and trying to put him in his carseat. He was so stiff. I was trying to bend his legs but gave up, I was afraid I was going to hurt him. It was so terrible! I threatened him that we were going to walk home (we live close). He did not care. I took him out of the van and we started to walk. He kept going limp and saying he did not want to walk. By this point people were staring. I picked him up and he said he wanted to sit in the van!! Of course my Dad had pulled away and on top of that it started to rain! I am still upset over this incident today. I hope it was just a bad day?? I don't know how to deal with this.

Even after all that I still think he is wonderful!

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